No More Puppy Mills 2-5-2013

We are requesting the City of San Diego and Mayor Bob Filner to ban the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores in the City of San Diego.   (PRINT CLEARLY) Organization__________________________________________________________________________________________________    ____This organization is listed solely to identify the person below.   Contact Person:________________________________________________________________________________________________   Contact Information (email, address phone):_______________________________________________________________________  Continue reading “No More Puppy Mills 2-5-2013”


Adjusting Animals By Dr. Strauss, D.C.

ADJUSTING ANIMALS Posted by JStraussDC on October 1, 1984 at 7:26 pm There appears to be an inconsistency among the mixers! An article ran recently in a chiropractic professional publication decrying the Arizona Attorney General’s position that chiropractors cannot adjust animals. The position of the article’s author is that animals need chiropractic care also andContinue reading “Adjusting Animals By Dr. Strauss, D.C.”

Making a difference

Cheri Joseph gets adjusted regularly in my office.  She is an Acupuncturist and volunteers at the County Animal Shelter.  I have asked her to tell my readers about special animals she shes for adoption. Hi, As a volunteer dog walker at the Animal Shelter, I see many amazing pets often. Sometimes I am lucky enough to walkContinue reading “Making a difference”

New Assembly Bill 2304 Takes Back the Rights of Pet Owners

In 2011 the Veterinary Medical Association (VMA) attempted to take away the rights of the individual pet owner to choose what type of teeth cleaning was acceptable. Fortunately Assembly Member Garrick has introduced  Assemble Bill 2304 (AB 2304).  This bill gives the consumer the choice to decide what is the best dental care for there pet. The VMA did notContinue reading “New Assembly Bill 2304 Takes Back the Rights of Pet Owners”