New Assembly Bill 2304 Takes Back the Rights of Pet Owners

In 2011 the Veterinary Medical Association (VMA) attempted to take away the rights of the individual pet owner to choose what type of teeth cleaning was acceptable.

Fortunately Assembly Member Garrick has introduced  Assemble Bill 2304 (AB 2304).  This bill gives the consumer the choice to decide what is the best dental care for there pet.

The VMA did not like that pet owners were spending money on dental care that members of there VMA did not get.

This bill would provide that “dental operation” for these purposes does not include a service whereby a person utilizes nonmotorized instruments to remove calculus, soft deposits, plaque, or stains from an exposed area of a household pet’s tooth above the gum line, provided that the service is performed exclusively for cosmetic purposes and the person performing the service first obtains written permission from the person requesting the service.

Please take 5 min. and send a very short note saying you support AB 2304.

Notes need a signature and address to count.

Please mail, fax or email all notes to:  Fax: 800-242-0085 Email:

Mail: P.O. Box 470 Manton, CA  96059

Additional Information:


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