Making a difference

Cheri Joseph gets adjusted regularly in my office.  She is an Acupuncturist and volunteers at the County Animal Shelter.  I have asked her to tell my readers about special animals she shes for adoption.


As a volunteer dog walker at the Animal Shelter, I see many amazing pets often. Sometimes I am lucky enough to walk one of the those very special  ones, and I am inspired to let people know about them. I decided to do so today, so I brought my camera in to take some pictures of one of the ones that has melted my heart recently.  Her name is SIERRA, she is a two year old Pit-bull/Sharpei blend which shows a little in her fur feeling a little different. Because she is small, I think she is a Staff Terrier, but either way,  she is incredibly affectionate and gentle natured, loves to sit in your lap,  gives great hugs and kisses!  She really responds well to women,  but warms up to men with a slow, gentle touch . She is a  very good walker, likes to keep a fast walking pace, and likes to fetch. She’s an energetic dog. We don’t get to test the dogs around other dogs much, but she did well the one time she was near a Pit-bull during a walk. You are welcome to bring your dog(s) into the shelter if you want to learn a little more about her. The shelter gives adopters a month to make sure it is a good fit at home. Adoption fees are $69.00. This includes all her shots and spaying, a microchip, an exam and a follow up exam one month after adoption. Her tag number is 472, her ID# is A1459768, she is in kennel 36 (this could change) at the Central Shelter on Gaines St. The hours there are 9:30 to 5:30 Tuesday through Saturday.

Cheri Joseph, L.Ac.


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