Animal Healing Center

Animal Healing Center is a holistic veterinary center. The veterinarians and other support practitioners have extensive training and experience in using non-traditional treatment methods to enhance your pets overall healing and general well being. The Clinic is owned by Dr. Diana Drumm.  Dr. Diana believes we are all given bodies that were designed to heal andContinue reading “Animal Healing Center”

No More Puppy Mills 2-5-2013

We are requesting the City of San Diego and Mayor Bob Filner to ban the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores in the City of San Diego.   (PRINT CLEARLY) Organization__________________________________________________________________________________________________    ____This organization is listed solely to identify the person below.   Contact Person:________________________________________________________________________________________________   Contact Information (email, address phone):_______________________________________________________________________  Continue reading “No More Puppy Mills 2-5-2013”

Adjusting Animals By Dr. Strauss, D.C.

ADJUSTING ANIMALS Posted by JStraussDC on October 1, 1984 at 7:26 pm There appears to be an inconsistency among the mixers! An article ran recently in a chiropractic professional publication decrying the Arizona Attorney General’s position that chiropractors cannot adjust animals. The position of the article’s author is that animals need chiropractic care also andContinue reading “Adjusting Animals By Dr. Strauss, D.C.”

Welcome to San Diego Animal Chiropractic

San Diego Animal Chiropractic (SDAC) has a goal of helping pet owners keep there pets strong and healthy. We all love our pets and we want them to be with us as long as possible. You will find information that will help give you and your pet a healthy life together. If you have questionsContinue reading “Welcome to San Diego Animal Chiropractic”