Ban Puppy Mills

This letter was sent to us from one of our patients that volunteers in the Animal Shelter.   Dear Cheri, Thanks for signing our petition, “Oceanside City Council: Please PASS an Ordinance to BAN the Sale of Puppies, Kittens & Bunnies in Retail Stores in the City of Oceanside / CA..” Can you help thisContinue reading “Ban Puppy Mills”


Don’t Forget to Scoop the Poop

The following article is how one Condo solved the poop problem. FORGETTING TO SCOOP? DNA IDS DOGS BEHIND DROPPINGS Condo community says it’s enjoying cleaner, clearer property RODRIQUE NGOWI • ASSOCIATED PRESS 12:01a.m. Dec 16, 2013 Apartment and condo managers, dogged by complaints from those who’ve experienced the squishy and smelly sensation of stepping ontoContinue reading “Don’t Forget to Scoop the Poop”

New Assembly Bill 2304 Takes Back the Rights of Pet Owners

In 2011 the Veterinary Medical Association (VMA) attempted to take away the rights of the individual pet owner to choose what type of teeth cleaning was acceptable. Fortunately Assembly Member Garrick has introduced  Assemble Bill 2304 (AB 2304).  This bill gives the consumer the choice to decide what is the best dental care for there pet. The VMA did notContinue reading “New Assembly Bill 2304 Takes Back the Rights of Pet Owners”

Pet stores are documented getting dogs from puppy mills.

This is really important since we could actually have the impact of banning pet stores from selling puppies in SD. It is a documented, legitimate fact that 99% of pet stores get their puppies from cruel, unsanitary puppy mills and, as I discovered yesterday when I went to the back of one SD pet store,Continue reading “Pet stores are documented getting dogs from puppy mills.”