Stop Animal Hip Problems

Chiropractic Dog

Before we get into the how and why of hip pain, I am going to tell you a story about a Boarder Collie named Chance.

When Chance was a puppy he was hand picked from his litter of 7, to do something very few dogs ever do.  Chance was going to perform in three different arenas.  He was going to be a Show Dog and be judged on breeding, he was going to do sheep herding competitions and he was going to be a training dog for the Seeing Eye Dog program.

From the start Chance was a natural at all three of the endeavors his owner Cathy trained him for.  He won championships in Show competitions and trained many dogs to be companion dogs.   But the thing that Chance loved most of all was herding sheep.  You would only have to look in the direction that you wanted Chance to take the sheep and he would drive them there.

Chance was all set to have a very long and happy life until Cathy became terminally ill and had to find a new home for Chance.  This should have been easy since he was such an amazing dog.  But unfortunately Chance ended up with a man that thought he could make any dog do anything he wanted them to do.  The problem was that Chance and Cathy where so close that the new owner could not get Chance to perform anything like Cathy did.  And so Chance was left to just sit in a chain link pen for days at a time.

After almost a year chance was moved to a new home that had a 130lb Bull Mastiff.  This Mastiff tore through the chain link fence separating the two dogs and almost killed poor Chance.  The only thing that saved Chance was his speed and skill in bringing down larger animals by getting them by the back of the neck and flipping them over.

When the dust settled Chance needed 48 stitches and his heart was not beating fast enough.  The veterinarian said he would probably just get weaker and weaker until his heart stopped.

The rescue center that chance ended up in contacted Gilden Family Chiropractic since we have a reputation for Animal Chiropractic.

Chance was adjusted regularly for two months and then sent back to the original Veterinarian for a follow up.  The Vet said that Chances recovery was amazing and that in 30 years he has never seen a dogs heart rebound like this.

Although Chance was not going to die,  he was not completely better. He needed regular Chiropractic care to continue his healing process.  Dr. Ken Gilden agreed to adopt Chance and continue his care.

For 8 years Chance was in the office with Dr. Gilden and lived to the age of 13.  Chance went everywhere with Dr. Gilden after he was fixed with Chiropractic care.

Chance hated the water but he would not let Dr. Gilden out of his sight

What does this story have to do with Hip Pain?

The care that Chance received was Chiropractic and is done on the spine.  Dr. Gilden did not work on Chances heart he took care of his spine and the nerves going to the heart.

Many hip problems are not in the hip but in the lower back where the spinal nerves controlling the hip are located.  These nerves are not firing correctly and causing the dog or cat to limp. A complete anatomy of the dogs spine can be found at Spinal Anatomy of a Dog.

The Chiropractic care for most dogs and cats is done once a month.  Unlike people,  Animals have a high innate inelegance and a lower educated inelegance so there bodies heal up so much faster than we do.

Animals that receive regular once a month Chiropractic Care live so much longer and with out health problems.

If you would like additional information on Animal Chiropractic go to Monthly Animal Chiropractic Care or call Dr. Gilden at 858-576-0575.

Additional Information on Chiropractic can be found at or


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