Welcome to San Diego Animal Chiropractic

San Diego Animal Chiropractic (SDAC) has a goal of helping pet owners keep there pets strong and healthy. We all love our pets and we want them to be with us as long as possible. You will find information that will help give you and your pet a healthy life together. If you have questionsContinue reading “Welcome to San Diego Animal Chiropractic”


Comparison of Canine and Human Intervertebral Disk Disease

Comparison of Canine and Human Intervertebral Disk Disease Intervertebral disk disease is a major neurologic problem affecting both canines and humans. Both species can be affected with cervical (neck) disk disease with similarities in the symptoms and outcome. However, in the thoracolumbar (mid-back) area, unique species differences alter the symptoms and outcome of canine versusContinue reading “Comparison of Canine and Human Intervertebral Disk Disease”