Your First Visit

You do not need to make an appointment to see Dr. Ken Gilden.  We see all people and pets on a walk in basis.  (see calendars for times and locations)

When you show up to our office it is best to leave your animal in the car and come in the office to let Dr. Gilden know you have an animal for him to look at.  Dr. Gilden will go out to your car and meet and great your animal for the first time in there own environment.  This will help your pet be more comfortable and less stressed.

Dr. Gilden will look at your pet, palpate there spine and get them adjusted.  This will not take very long.  The power in Chiropractic is in the repetition of Adjustments over time not in single 2o min therapy session.

After your pet has been Adjusted it is a good idea to take them for a short walk.  The Chiropractic Adjustment is opening the blood channels in the disc but it is motion that will pump the new blood through the now open blood channels.

Many animals show improvement from the first Chiropractic Adjustment but in some pets it can take several Adjustments to see changes.

If you have any questions regarding your first visit feel free to call Dr. Ken Gilden at 858-576-5075.

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